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How can you extend the life of
your laptop battery?

We're all aware that for the same amount of money as it takes to buy a new laptop, one may easily create a more powerful complete system. Have you ever wondered why laptops are still favoured over desktop computers by today's generations? Yes, you are correct; laptops are more convenient, as you can work on the go and save valuable time in this fast-paced environment. To work for longer periods of time, you need to extend the life of your laptop battery. The working hour or capacity of your battery life is determined by the laptop setup, battery power, and company. In this blog, I'd like to inform you about several things that you may use to make your laptop battery last longer than ever.

  • Disable Startup Applications
  • Reduce the screen's brightness.
  • Use the Longest Battery Life (Battery saver)
  • When not in use, turn off the laptop.

Disable Startup Applications

When we turn on the laptop, several software such as Skype, video downloaders (IDM), or torrent applications (Bittorrent) begin to run. While running in the background, these applications slow down the laptop's performance and use more battery life.

Reduce the screen's brightness.

The screen utilises the most battery power of any programme. Make sure your screen brightness is set to less than 50% of its highest amount. You can also switch on the laptop's night light to extend the battery life by 10-15% overall.

Use the Longest Battery Life (Battery saver)

If you have a hp EliteBook folio 9470m battery, a hp15 daoo73ms battery, a dell, or any other window operating system that supports Windows 10, 11. Simply select the optimum battery life mode from among better performance, better battery, and high-performance modes to save your battery life. To make your laptop battery survive longer on Apple operating systems, simply go to the energy-saving option, select the battery option, and set the bar to the minimal numbers.

When not in use, turn off the laptop.

When you don't need your laptop for an extended amount of time, don't hibernate it or put it in sleep mode. Because all of the processes are operating in the background while the CPU sleeps, battery life suffers in both of these modes. Try to shut down by saving your work and extending the life of your laptop battery.

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Unwanted applications should be closed.

Assume you are currently watching a movie that you obtained from Google Chrome using a third-party programme. Before watching the video, you should close the Google and third-party applications. It will provide you an uninterrupted movie experience for a longer period of time.

1. Use static wallpapers instead of screensavers.

To extend the life of your laptop’s battery, use static wallpapers rather than moving or dynamic backgrounds, and avoid using screensavers.

2. Turn off the backlight.

If you have a laptop with a backlight behind the keyboard buttons, make sure to switch it off while working in the light. It will aid in the preservation of battery life.

3. Turn off Notifications

Yes, alerts are vital for staying up to date with your surroundings; nevertheless, if you want to extend the life of your laptop battery, you should disable Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and weather notifications, among other things. This is due to the fact that these applications use your data in the background while you are working and refresh themselves after a specific amount of constant time intervals to acquire the most recent updated notifications, hence reducing your battery life.

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